Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy is a fast, simple, and effective way to improve the healing potential of each cell in the body. PEMF targets your body at a cellular level to stimulate cell metabolism and improve your health. Numerous disorders, diseases and injuries benefit from PEMF treatments. And there are none of the harmful side effects commonly associated with prescription drugs and medical procedures.

PEMF is a completely safe and natural form of treatment, proven in countless scientific studies to provide astonishing results. Everyone, everywhere, can benefit from PEMF, even animals.

Since there are many different PEMF devices on the market, determine which device best suits your individual needs seems overwhelming. Here are some questions helping you make decisions.

1. What do you use PEMF device for?

The first thing you should determine before purchase is the purpose of using it. Is it used for chronic problems or acute problems, for one area or multiple areas? For example, for the whole body or mostly for local problems such as knee, shoulders, head and so on?

If you are suffering from chronic diseases and systemic pain, the PEMF mat will be a good choice for you. PEMF Mat is a mat that produces Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field around an individual’s body. You only need to lie down during the treatment. It’s also very convenient to get treatment when you are sleeping. Most PEMF mats sold on the market are low intensity devices, so they are safely for long term treatment. For minor pain, local problems and sport injuries, portable PEMF devices are more suited. You can put it into your bag and bring it out to use it at anytime and anywhere.

2. Does PEMF device have the most suitable frequency for your applications?

Frequency is very important to PEMF therapy. The Earth frequencies which are primarily in 0-30 Hz range exactly match the frequencies of our body, mind, tissues and cells, and human body needs this frequency range to maintain health, especially the 8-10 Hz range.

Most PEMF devices use a rounded number as the base for their programs, but scientific studies show the frequency 9.6 Hz heals your body best.

3. Does PEMF device have proper intensity?

The intensity of the pulsed magnetic field generated by PEMF device is one of the most important specifications for successful results. Different intensities are used for different health conditions. We must realize that more intensity is not always better.

According to the amount of magnetic energy produced by PEMF devices, these devices can be divided into low intensity and high intensity devices. Low Intensity devices typically produce less than 1,000 Gauss and High Intensity devices produce anywhere from 1,000 to 50,000 Gauss.

Generally, low intensity devices are primarily used to improve cellular health. It helps treat injuries and pain caused by accidents, sports injuries, and surgery. It can be used for long term treatment. While high intensity devices are better to deal with problems deep in the body, like spine, abdomen and chest. If you have limited time to do the treatment, you can choose high intensity devices.

4. Does PEMF device have various Pulse Patterns?

Most PEMF devices use regular pulses. This has an undesirable effect. Just as people ignore a continuous sound like traffic noise or rain, your body becomes accustomed to the frequency of the pulses, and ignores them. This is called entrainment. If the PEMF device varies in pattern, intensity and timing, your body can continue to listen to the song of Nature.

An advanced PEMF device has three main stages: Initialization, Main Program and Final Stage.

1) Initialization

Just as an athlete warms up before exercise to avoid injury, PEMF treatments should also start slowly. It should start with a soothing initialization period. And the pulses are Metronome-like alternating, with varying intensities. The magnetic field is reversed for each pulse, eliminating any residual charge. The average strength is gradually increased, tenderly preparing your body for the main program.

2) Main Program

Studies have found that short pulses enter cells easier. Longer, stronger pulses are less effective and may cause harm. Consider hammering a nail into timber. A very large hammer will damage the timber. A smaller hammer can do the same job without damage, but more strikes are required.

Optimum pulse strength varies from individual to individual, and the pulses are combined for the precise pulse strength. The pattern is subsequently repeated in the reverse direction to ensure your body maintains perfect balance in the main program.

3) Final Stage

The final stage uses soothing waves to caress your body and prepares it for the next treatment cycle.

5. Does PEMF device have Bidirectional Pulses?

Bidirectional Pulses can prevent your body from becoming overly charged during treatment. Your body maintains balance. It also means you can safely use the PEMF devices with bidirectional pulses for long periods of time. So please make sure the pulses send by your devices are bidirectional.

With these standards, you may know which PEMF device to choose now.[/vc_column_text]

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