MiraMate Mini Magic – Get Acute Pain Relief Instantly 

Mini Magic is a new portable PEMF device designed to reduce pain and discomfort anywhere, anytime.

The pulses in our devices vary in pattern, intensity, and timing, maximizing their effect on your body’s cells. This is a great improvement from other PEMF devices. Your body doesn’t become accustomed to the pulses. The pulses continue being effective, even after running extended programs.

All the pulses our devices send are bidirectional. This prevents your body from becoming overly charged during treatment. Your body maintains balance. It also means you can safely use Mini Magic for long periods of time.

The Science Behind Mini Magic

Mini Magic may be small, but is brimming with magic! Unlike most other PEMF devices, the programs within Mini Magic gently guide your body to good health. Naturally.

Mini Magic replicates the natural frequencies surrounding us all. Scientists have proven that your body needs this frequency to maintain good health. Each cell in your body listens to the song of mother Earth. And Mini Magic sings the same tune, working in harmony with Nature.

Most PEMF devices use regular pulses. This has an undesirable effect. Just as people ignore a continuous sound like traffic noise or rain, your body becomes accustomed to the frequency of the pulses, and ignores them. This is called entrainment. We have carefully designed the programs in Mini Magic to vary in pattern, intensity and timing. So your body continues to listen to the song of Nature.

What Our Users Are Saying

“Working for many hours in front of a computer, the pain in the neck that becomes unbearable. But since I have my Mini Magic, I can work without interruption and without pain! The Mini Magic, designed to be portable, is a great invention! Thanks to this feature, I can also use it in the car.”

Marcello Allegretti

“Four weeks ago I took a fall and hurt my back severely. The pain was intense and the muscle tension released very slowly. After a day with the Mini Magic, the pain had almost completely subsided. I am grateful for this fantastic instrument and recommend it to others!”

Ingrid Dinter

Catherine Brady“I have had chronic back pain for at least four years, my physician has no idea what can be done to relieve it. I ordered the Mini Magic, and it arrived in a few days. Immediately after I use it, my back is completely or almost completely pain-free. It is absolutely astounding!”

Catherine Brady

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