Revitalize Your Pets Back to Health Naturally and Safely

Nothing is more heartbreaking than a pup or kitty looking up at you with sad eyes because they are suffering from senescence, injury, chronic or acute conditions, etc.

PEMF Therapy has been used for decades to aid the treatment of broken bones, spinal injuries, and arthritis in racehorses. Nowadays, PEMF Therapy has been a good alternative to drugs for the treatment of pain, inflammation, and injury in your dogs or cats.

What Are the Benefits of PEMF Therapy for Pets?

✔️ Spinal cord injuries
✔️ Chronic inflammation
✔️ Arthritis
✔️ Pancreatitis
✔️ Cystitis
✔️ Degenerative nerve conditions
✔️ Degenerative Joint Disease
✔️ Hip Dysplasia
✔️ Post-Surgical Recovery
✔️ Skin Problems

✔️ Immunity Strength
✔️ Anxiety
✔️ Diabetes
✔️ Bone and Wound Mending
✔️ Soft Tissue Injuries
✔️ Seizure Disorders
✔️ Ulcers
✔️ Allergies
✔️ Aging

How Does PEMF Therapy Help Your Pets Live Longer and Happier?

As Dr. Werner Heisenberg, a Nobel laureate, said: “Energy is the fundamental energy upon which all living organisms depend.” PEMF therapy can be used for pets to stimulate cellular metabolism, improve blood circulation, diminish inflammation, relieve pain, and accelerate tissue repair.

In 2010, researchers at the University of Bologna in Italy studied the effects of PEMF therapy on dogs with osteoarthritis. The study indicated that most dogs studied had already shown dramatic improvements in mobility and pain using PEMF therapy. Most amazingly, these benefits lasted without the use of any anti-inflammatory medicines. Researchers believed that “PEMF therapy is a non-invasive remedy, lacking in an adverse effect, easy to employ, and useful for controlling pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis.”

Dogs and cats seem to instinctively know that PEMF therapy is good for them and tend to be attracted naturally. PEMF therapy keeps your pets calm and relaxed throughout the process. Compared with humans, pets are more sensitive to PEMF therapy because of their accelerated metabolism. In other words, pets usually respond even more quickly and dramatically to PEMF therapy.

PEMF therapy can work at a cellular level to soothe the pain and revitalize pets back to health in a safe and non-invasive way. PEMF therapy can activate Nitric Oxide which is a molecule that promotes healing. In this way, PEMF therapy can aid in boosting cellular metabolism and oxygenation of the tissues, nerves, and muscles. So, PEMF therapy can be used for a variety of conditions suffered by pets.

Pets can also benefit from lifetime health maintenance using PEMF devices daily. Most people tend to consider the purchase of PEMF devices only when they find that their pets are too weak to go on walks or play with them. In this condition, It will take a longer time for the pets to recover. Regular health maintenance treatments with PEMF therapy can help pets live longer and happier. Additionally, this can decrease the costs of veterinary bills, medications, special diets, and physical therapies.

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