What is the story behind the development of Flash?

We decided to develop a flash VUV treatment device after discovering that VUV was the missing link between historical treatment devices and modern devices used today. We tested our first prototype Flash machines over 2 years ago.

Some miraculous cures were achieved at the turn of the century. These instantaneous remissions have not been replicated today, largely due to the modernisation of materials used. These machines usually produced VUV wavelengths.

During the development of Flash, we wanted to confirm the effectiveness of each unit by flashing skin spots of volunteers. We soon ran out of spots to test.

We hired a professional test laboratory to see how effective Flash was on malignant melanoma, a common skin cancer. We have already seen how devastatingly effective Flash was. After 24 hours, 91.84% of the cancer cells had died. After 48 hours, the death rate increased to 92.14%. It is important to note that none of the control cells died during this period.

We made Flash using the external shell of an existing IPL (Intense Pulse Light) unit. This allowed us to reduce development costs without compromising performance.

Expensive and exotic components are required to produce VUV light. For example, the special glass lens costs over US$100, and only one manufacturer in the world has the ability to make the flash tube to our specifications.

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