Mini Magic has a Thumbs up from me!

Mini Magic for Pain Relief

I have 3 daughters, my youngest is 2 yrs old and this is who I used it on.

For about 1 wk now, my daughter has been waking up at night complaining of foot pain on her left foot. She is a very active 2 yr old, always running around with her sisters. She loves to run around in my kitchen area with no socks, barefeet on the wooden floor.

I noticed that when she was running, her foot would slap on the floor very loud because it was a bit swollen from her constant running. We tried to put socks on her, sneakers, but she kept taking it all off.

Anyway, Mini Magic came and that evening about 1 hour before bedtime, I put her on the couch with me and held the coils on her foot. One on the top and one on the bottom. I tested the 3 modes and I saw a positive reaction from her when I put it on the 3rd mode. I had to hold them there the whole time because she wouldn’t let me wrap her foot with them on. I feel she felt relief in the area because she let me hold them on her for over ten mins without any movement and it seemed she liked what she felt from it. During the time of holding them on her, the swelling in her foot came down a lot.

That night, she slept through the whole night without waking up. Mini Magic has a Thumbs up from me! I saw instant come down in swelling and positive reaction to pain relief. I also have been doing 10 min sessions on myself before bed time. more for rejuvenation, but will report back when my pain issues come up.