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Flash success story

I have had psoriasis for 40 years. Always gets worse in springtime, I’ve tried many diets to heal leaky gut syndrome to little success. Got Flash a month ago, been flashing the dry flaky spots every 2nd day. Also using a mix of comprey cream with DMSO and cayenne pepper and 5 drops of geranium. It has been so much better, not totally gone but 80% better! Treating some patients with skin cancer as well, so far so good. It’s an inexpensive great tool to have, as long as u have the discipline to remember to use it. Great for acne, gone in a Flash!

Robin werner

Miramate joint aid miracles for arthrosis

Good morning, i am Elia from Italy. I bought a miramate joint aid just as lunched to help my mother that is 82 years old and suffering about arthrosis since she was 50 years old. She was operated on the herniated disc 25 years ago, she had two operations to insert the titanium hip prosthesis 10 years ago, but she was no longer able to walk well and always with a stick, and a wrist operation for the carpal tunnel, she refuse to operate the other wrist and the scapula because the solution of the doctors is always to operate her. She suffers from joint pains knees, hands, feet especially during the night, and she cannot sleep. The miramate joint aid give her some relief. She uses it every day, and she is happy just for these few months of treatments. I had a spooky Generation X and i have treated her with the cold laser wrist, but it was a little bit complicate for her because of the wire and the generator use. The joint aid is easy to use for an elderly person and it has battery, this motivates her to continue using it every day and see the improvements. Sleeping better, reduce pain, and avoid operations are all miracle gifts. Thank you very much.


Tendon Repair

Last winter I had 2 accidents, rupturing both quadriceps tendons. I had been using my Mini Magic to help me sleep. After returning home 3 months later, while going through painful Physical Therapy, I decided to try it on my knees. That is the best decision I could have made. While still mainly in a wheelchair I started Pemf therapy after every PT session. It literally drove out the pain and reduced the swelling. Now, it is time for me to get a Big Magic. In less than a year I am walking almost normally. I do a few miles a day on the treadmill to maintain the functionality of my knees. Oh yes, I also sleep like a baby now, all night long. Waking up is easy, just turn the Mini Mate off, within a few minutes I am up and about.

George Meier

In less than a minute my neck pain was completely gone!!!


Last week I received “Miramate Flash” in the mail. First treatment I flashed my neck at least 25 times with the power level at 5. To my amazement, in less than a minute my neck pain was completely gone!!! This really is an incredible Healing Tool!!!

John White, you are a Genius!!!

Leonard Heit

Leonard Heit

Flash helping with Candida Fungus

I am 70, retired, with no ‘medical’ experience. I have always preferred and followed ‘natural health’ practices. Over the last few years my Candida overgrowth has twice flared up causing Candida fungus breakouts on my skin. Not long ago a third serious breakout began. The breakout began as a 1″ x 2″ patch on my neck. With the other two breakouts getting them cleared up required using several types of treatments for four or five months. The breakout on my neck, as with other breakouts, expanded day by day and had reached a size of 2″ x 4″ when my Flash arrived. I started slowly testing Flash on healthy skin first with one flash at level one and over two days getting up to several flashes at level 5. On the second day I began using a few flashes at level one on the Candida outbreak. Over the last week I have built up to 20 flashes at level 4 twice a day. At this level combined with what I was already doing the expansion of the breakout has stopped with only one small additional patch developing. The main patch and smaller patch of Candida are healing now. I am continuing to use Flash for treatment along with essential oils and occasionally hydrogen peroxide for clean-up and treatment. Of course I am being very careful with my diet and drink plenty of water. With the progress I am seeing with Flash I expect the patches of Candida fungus will be gone in two more weeks or so. That will be about four weeks of using Flash. That is much quicker than I have experienced in the past. At level 4 I begin feeling warmth at about 10 flashes. At one point I had been doing 30 flashes at level 3 and with a bit of testing found 20 flashes at level 4 is working better for me. I am glad I decided to follow my intuition and try Flash.

Malcolm Pullen

Mini Magic Multi Magical Results

This is the most versatile healing device around with many ways to heal, restore and bring hope for many ailments. Been using Mini Magic for over a year, below are my stories of great results.

1. I was in Mexico in 2018 seeing a doctor, noticed doctor’s hand were shaking like he had Parkinson’s, I asked him if we wanted to try a device I had in car to help him with his shaking, he said yes. I brought mini magic to Dr. who was in his mid sixties. I put coils one on top of each hand, within 10 minutes hand shaking stopped considerably, he couldn’t believe it. Asked me where he could get device, gave him info. I also thanked him for giving me the opportunity to see for my eyes how mini magic helps with Parkinson’s since I use it for other issues.

2. I work in sales all day, driving around seeing customers all day long and sometimes multi tasking could be stressful. To combat that now I bring mini magic with me to work. I wrap coils in between shirt button like instructed on mira mate website and it relaxes me all day long. It’s a feeling of peace and calmness that I have never experienced before where nothing bothers me at all, it also keeps my heart feeling balanced along with my mind.

3. Been battling Achilles & shin splints issues for years due to playing a lot of racquetball and basketball in my younger years, all the stopping and going has put a lot of stress on my feet. I tried foot massages and other therapy but nothing worked, until one day a thought came to me to put on mini magic coils on my ankles, one coil on each side of left leg. I put coils on left foot first night, one on each side of left ankle. I couldn’t believe the instant results on left foot. Next night I put on coils on right foot, one coil on each side of ankle and same great results, both of my feet, Achilles feel better. Then I put on coils on shin splints all day long on each leg as I was working and both shin splints feel better. Now I.m running a& walking gain with no pain or discomfort.

4. I have 3 mini magic units & one big magic. My mom uses big magic on her back every night, I turn it on for her every night when she goes to bed and it has done wonders on her back and sleep. She’s 89 years old and she also uses it on her head, hands & knees when she gets pain. Now I have her place a coil on each side of her breasts by inserting coils between her bra & breasts, this has helped her with her high blood pressure, her doctor could not believe her blood pressure had come down to almost normal, so her doctor took her off blood pressure pills for now . She has her monitored her blood pressure daily in a chart for 30 days to see if she will be okay without blood pressure med. This is exciting since now I don’t have to worry about side effects of BP pills.

Thank you mini magic, this is a phenomenal device at a very affordable price.

Many Blessings,


Tony Marquez

Lighter Feet

My mother was informed that she had Plantar Fasciitis. Simply put walking left her in great pain and often she would avoid walking as much as she could and some days could barely walk at all. Lighter and more cushioned footwear did little to help, and doctors had no solutions for her. Then we came across the MiraMate Joint Aid. I took the chance and bought one for mum. She started out doing one treatment a day, then one in the morning and one in the evening, and now she walks much more easily and has treatments as she needs them. She still gets some pain if she is on her feet for many hours in a row but the pain is no longer unbearable and with a little rest it disappears completely. MiraMate Joint Aid has made a big difference for her, and we have all started using it to see what else it can help us with!

Alma Lucas

Great Coils.

Peace be upon Yours All.
The Aim to tell my story is, to win some quad Coils, because they are so powerful in combination with the Spooky2 Central System.
Two days ago, i had a lot of work in the garden, it´s already colder and my body has to tune in. Yesterday morning i woke up and felt my old spine prolaps in the hight of my chest. The pain increased. In the late afternoon i placed the single coils on my back. They slided down from my neck between the cloths to the place i needed them, started with the portable device the session and did my work. After some time, i felt already the healing effect. Over the last night, i used the Quad Coils in combination with the SC (Spooky2 Central). Now this morning, i got up and feel great. That is not the first time, Of course after a long time use, they will ware off, so i would be happy to win a set.
If You like my simple true story, give me a thumps up.
** Ali **

Ali Rosener

Multiple successes!

I have been using Mini Magic since they were first released, and have lent it out to many friends who have injured themselves in the different ways.

The first was my kids school teacher who had broken her wrist … she used it every day for 2 weeks and found huge improvement with pain and also the faster healing time.

The next was a friend whose son broke a few vertebrae and had to wear a cast around his upper torso. He found that is helped reduce the pain, and also surprised the doctor with his fast improvement … but while the son wasn’t using the MiniMagic, his wife used it on her hands and were amazed at how effective it was to treat the arthritis in both of her hands. She witnessed great relief from it – and has since bought a couple of Mini Magic devices for himself and family.

The latest was a friend who broke both the Fibula & Tibia in his leg after a motorcycle accident, and had to get screws and plates put in his leg. He recognized the instant improvements, both pain relief and rapid healing, that he decided that he wasn’t going to give it back and gave me money to buy myself a new one 😉 which I just recently have!

It is great that it is so small that you can easily sleep in bed with it beside you, receiving the healing benefits from it all night.
I strongly recommend this for anyone – even just to have as a backup for if/when you, your family members or friends have an accident and want to receive faster and improved healing and health!


I have been using MiraMate Laser and Flash for just a short time but am already seeing results.

I have been using MiraMate Laser and Flash for just a short time but am already seeing results.

In my healing practice I see many people with joint issues that MiraMate Lasor comes in very handle with. It is so handy and easy to use. I can start a bodywork session of with the Laser to bring some healing to those areas before I work with them. One way I especially like to use the laser is on specific acupuncture points. I can feel the energy ignite the meridian and help to balance the energy. I have also used it on neuropathy and back pain issues. Clients usually will feel more relief as the day goes on.

I have been using Flash for just a couple of weeks on myself now. I have been working on a wart that has been very stubborn for a couple of years with nothing making a difference on it. It is now about half the size. Also using it on a spot on my back that had a skin area removed. It tested negative for any cancers but has remained uncomfortable and itchy even after removal. Flash has made a difference with this as well. Normally when I go to bed it bothers me to lay on it and that is better, it is also healing better. I used it on a leg wound from a wire fence a couple of months ago that has been slow to heal. That is now almost healed. Now I am working on a few facial spots and seeing some results already.

Thank you for Flash and MiraMate Laser! Both have helped me personally, with family and with clients in my healing practice!

Heidi Gilman

Sinus infection relief

It’s late fall here and I annually suffer from sinus issues. With MiraMate Joint Aid in hand I applied to my sinus. There was instant relief from congestion and excessive discharge. I apply this treatment daily. It has not provided a cure, but is a wonderful relief!

Steve Blubaugh

Using Flash to eliminate age spots.


I wanted to share my story in regards to age spots. We just received our MiraMate and here is 2 pictures of a age spot on my face near my eyes. I flashed it every day for only 4 days, 10 flashes at the #5 setting, yes it did leave a rectangular red spot but I had to take a trip for a few days so I was not able to use the FLASH for days 5-8.. so the second picture is on day 8. All the skin dryed out and lifted off! I still need to get some other spots in the area, but wanted to thank MiraMate, John and Echo for this fantastic device! I am grateful for you for caring about people and making something that is affordable for all!

Thank you, Elizabeth Knight

Age Spots

Elizabeth Knight

Flash Your Pain Away


I am a consistent User of “Spooky2” having good results over the years. For over a year now I’ve had
pain in my neck. I have had relief from “Spooky” but the pain has never gone away. (maybe I never found the
right frequency)

Last week I received “Miramate Flash” in the mail. First treatment I flashed my neck at least 25 times. To my amazement, in less than a minute my neck pain was completely gone !!! This really is an incredible Healing Tool !!!

John White, you are a Genius !!!

Leonard Heit
Vancouver Island B.C.

Leonard Heit


I have been using the Flash on a rare skin disease called Lichen Sclerosus. This disease is an autoimmune disease and has no known cure. The Flash is working on this by peeling a layer off at a time. I expect it will take sometime for mine to clear as I have had this for several years and the layers are deep. Thank you MiraMate for such a great product.

Judy Bartlett

Restful sleep

I use the Mira mate mini mat each evening to start a system for relaxing into a restful deep sleep for healing. This has begun a new routine for me each night after a long hard day of working. The body has a unique ability to heal itself, given the proper rest and nutrition.

Donna Ward

aging spots and skin cancer.

some weeks ago I treated. myself with the radium weed.( face) it took me circa 10 days and my shin was like a baby’s bottom so cleere.

again I treated a cancer spot on the face. one day radium weeb 2 times first setting on the flash in 2 days the crust fell off and beautifully clean skin showed up.

my aging spots on my hand are every day improving I wish I can show you al it is just amazing. thank you JW one more miracle, I am so grateful and confident watt I see. isi to youse.
the flash travels with me in the generators BOX just beautiful.
love daja

Daja Nylof